Points to Consider When Formulating a Lyceum Essay

Points to Consider When Formulating a Lyceum Topic

Think of the issue in terms of the status quo vs. individual conscience.

For example, how does the idea of government-sanctioned marriage among homosexuals differ in perspective between individuals and society in general? How would you defend your position based on a Transcendental philosophy that calls for individuals to listen to and act upon their own sense of what the world is and what it should be?

  • How does your outlook regarding the issue reflect a call for social reform?

For example, how might your position concerning gay marriage bring about a substantial change in the way the issue is generally perceived and handled?

  • Is the issue significant?

For example, considering all of the issues vying for public attention, should gay marriage really be a top-shelf issue facing the nation today? If you can’t provide a compelling reason for saying “yes,” pick another issue.

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