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Did you know that if you are pregnant and you smoke or drink you run the chance of birth defects or even worse killing your child? In High School my teacher showed us the effects of drinking while you are pregnant. We put whole raw eggs into mason jars that had had different alcohol levels in them. You could see the change and deformation of the egg which would show you how it affects the baby. Every one drink to you would be three drinks to your baby. If you smoke while you are with child a lot of the times your baby will be born with weak lungs. Sometimes when babies are born they don’t get to go home right away they have to stay at the hospital in the incubators because they can’t breathe on their own. The sad thing is many women know the effects that smoking and drinking does to the child and they still choose to continue with their addiction. I don’t see how anyone could be that selfish to take that kind of a risk with their future baby.

Right now we are in and will be continuing into what everyone keeps saying is a recession. The economy has been suffering and some things are about to change. I feel that it is such a shame that we are sending so many of our jobs overseas for the foreign workers all because they are cheaper labor. We have a friend of the family that has been with Motorola for 27 years then one day he found out that they were sending all the work to Mexico because it was going to be cheaper labor, cost effective. I think that right now with the recession hitting it is time more than ever to keep America’s money in America. When we send our jobs overseas we are just sending our money overseas. Think about it people who are laid off, don’t have money to pay their bills then we are sending money overseas to pay for the cheaper labor. I would think it be more practical to pay for the more expensive labor and have people keeping their jobs and have the money stay in America that way we aren’t losing our money and raising the unemployment level

I never thought about it in the fact that you’re responsible enough to pay all those other bills that true why can’t you buy alcohol at 18. I think that if they did lower the age there wouldn’t be quiet so many issues with younger kids having people buy it for them. I think a lot of kids what to really just drink because of the fact they know it’s illegal for them to consume it and they feel “cool”.

Re: Abortion
rachellemoorerachellemoore 20 Nov 2008 01:42
in discussion Journals / First Entries » Abortion

I completely agree! I would never speak badly of someone for getting an abortion but I would strongly disagree with them, ever child deserves a chance.

Re: Abortion by rachellemoorerachellemoore, 20 Nov 2008 01:42

Am i the only one that is completely tired of the biased total rambling crap known as Fox News, or MSNBC or CNN?? Throughout any story its just stupid facts and complete biased opinions especially in regards to politics. The hosts are way overpaid and do nothing but shovel political agendas at you 24/7 and then the station has the nerve to say that THEY are 'unbiased', or 'the fair and balanced' station. the way that our news works now a days nobody can even trust anything. All that is published or shown is negative this, negative that. Or they take a story like a man being pregnant and blow that up for three days showing footage. WHY?! That was not necessary, that wasn't a man, it was a woman with a beard. "He" (really a she) had a uterus and a vagina. Hello?! not a man. any ten year old could tell you that, but no, they have to stream garbage and useless information to get ratings, not to do their job.

New, Politics by JoelPierceJoelPierce, 19 Nov 2008 18:41
JoelPierceJoelPierce 19 Nov 2008 18:30
in discussion Journals / First Entries » Politics

I am curious as to why with eveybody needing to voice their opinion, do they also need to carry it out so very long. With the election just over I am seeing people with 'Anti-Obama' posters and signs and even messages on church signs. That is outrageous, there is no reason why people should still be throwing a fit over Barack Obama. If people don't like what happened tough, move. Our country was founded on the concept of, for the people BY THE PEOPLE, there was an election and he won. Especially seeing churches with hateful messages about a candidate, especially after they won. It's over, move on with your life and hope for the best. I myself wasn't even really sure about the guy, and am still not. I don't really know what stuff he stands for, or if he is going to follow through with any of his promises (no change from any other politician though). I just cant figure out what the huge fuss is about, something happened. MOVE ON!

Politics by JoelPierceJoelPierce, 19 Nov 2008 18:30

Not to mention the African rebel groups go into the friendly African villages and steal all of the good food and medicines, and just leave the scraps. I would love to be able to help out children who need it, but your right how do we know the Santa Clause man isnt pocketing some of that money, maybe he gets paid from people thinking they're only taking care of the African children. I think Obama should declare a war for the Africans, to end their civil war because they get their hands cut off, and they are starving because the rebels steal their food from the red cross and other groups that Americans give their money to.

With the economy slowly going into a depression there going to be a higher crime rate. People are going to be trying to break into houses more often, so I totally agree in the ownership of a gun for protection. I am skeptic of carring gungs in the cars only because of road rage. My brother had his car shot at several times by some reckless teenagers, because they were driving all over the place and my brother flipped them off. However, I do see the good in having a concealed gun license for when your walking downtown late at night. My boyfriend and I are going to NYC in may and I wish we could have that extra protection, but I still dont want getting a gun to be that easy for people with bad intentions.

Re: Gun Control by christydobbschristydobbs, 18 Nov 2008 19:09
Gun Control
Brian BollingBrian Bolling 18 Nov 2008 07:04
in discussion Journals / Third Entries » Gun Control

I am one of those that believe owning a gun, I dont necessarily agree with having fully automatics, but I do believe that people should have a household gun. If someone breaks into my home to harm or cause me and my family trouble, I will not hesitate to use a firearm upon those entering my property. I understand those that believe that we shouldn't have guns because we could go out anytime and shoot someone, and i agree with that fact that they shouldn't be used for that matter. But I am one to believe in personal safety and the safety of those that I love. President Oboma's gun control issue of getting rid of automatic weapons is understandable, but handguns and anything that is not as devestating should be allowed. People that own an automatic is basically only going to have it for two reasons, and that is for either for fun, or to initially kill someone. Perhaps the same for other weapons such as handguns, but their also many other uses for them. I have my own shotgun and rifle, when i become of age I will most likely have a license to carry a handeld weapon in my vehicle. Again, its for personal safety. In the past there was one city that had shown statistically crime rate before gun and after gun control, and it showed that when they had guns, crime rate was very little, and when they got rid of all the weapons in the city, crime rate shot up drastically. Just thinking that another person may have a gun, will cause many people to rethink about committing crimes on someones property since they would rather not get shot.

Gun Control by Brian BollingBrian Bolling, 18 Nov 2008 07:04

I actually tend to be amongst the people that believe in Capital Punishment, so im not going to get into an argument whether its right or wrong. Is Lethal Injection considered to be a humane way of Capital Punishment? There was one case where a man that was being executed and he actually felt pain during Lethal Injection, but that was mainly due to the guards being incompetent and injecting through the man's skin and missing his vein. So it caused him to have burn marks and to experience excruciating pain. That was one incident that caused people to believe that lethal injection to be an inhumane way of being executed. Lethal Injection is one out of the many ways to be executed that is not painful to the one being executed. I believe it is more humane than the electric chair, being shot, or getting hung. At least there is no or very little pain within lethal injection, so I believe that it is humane than any other execution style.

Capital Punishment by Brian BollingBrian Bolling, 18 Nov 2008 05:54
Patriot Act
Brian BollingBrian Bolling 18 Nov 2008 04:51
in discussion Journals / First Entries » Patriot Act

After 9/11 George and Bush had signed the plan for a step up in security to be placed upon the country with the USA Patriot Act (Uniting and Strengthing America by Providing Appropiate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism ACT). Presumably the Act is to oversee the country's unordinary activity in order to prevent an act of terrorism. I do understand the gravity of the situation and do see the positive standpoint that it has for everyone's security, but our right of privacy is being sacrificed for this. The questions that need to be asked is: is it worth it? Is there other ways to prevent such tragedies without the government listening and reading people's conversations? As of right now, I could be possibly under some type of surveillance and could possibly be committed with treason. I honestly don’t know, but it's something that could cause concern or an increase in paranoia. I am one that believes in the right of privacy, it is one aspect of my liberties that i enjoy. The government, especially the FBI, who send out NSL's (National Security Letters) out to certain companies (Phone companies for example) and get them to retrieve records and information without a warrant and without the consensus or knowing of the person they getting information on. The company cannot notify the person or even speak of the matter unless they want a lawsuit from the government for them breaking procedural rules set out by the act. The FBI have even admitted to Congress that they have (many times) overused this power in order to not use a warrant. They overused it by sending out more NSL's without letting Congress know, which is against the law due to the fact everyone letter sent is suppose to be reported. This comes to show that if you give certain organizations the power to do something, believe or not a lot of the time they are going to overstep their power to achieve what they want, and in this case it puts us all at risk of speaking freely without the suspicion of us rebelling against the government. So keep in mind that we must watch what we say, especially during this time period.

Patriot Act by Brian BollingBrian Bolling, 18 Nov 2008 04:51

Honestly I feel we're not given enough choices to choose from. I was worried with voting Obama because of the fact that he is inexperienced and when elected as senator he admitted that he would not be ready to campaign in the year 2008. Im sure many minorities did vote Obama because he is considered a civil rights mover. Obama is a great speaker and very charismatic, and it will be a huge disappointment if he doesnt help out the African American community or even help the Africans that are caught in the middle of a horribly violent civil war. However, Im happy McCain didnt win because he was planning on instilling the draft, for 200,000 more recruits, which could potentially draft women and men. With that we would see the second baby boom with all the women trying to skip out on being sent over. I would never fight in a war for oil, Im for the return of the electric car that had been leased in California a few years ago. Mainly i just think people dont want another George Bush, because apparently McCain agreed with Bush 90% of the time and look at our economy now.

Well first off legalizing marijuana is not in the same category as kidnapping, the government and the authorities like to tell people what is right and wrong, and what they shouldnt do. Marijuana is not a harmful drug, and unless your willing to consider alcohol a drug then i wouldnt consider marijuana a real drug. Im more for the decriminalizing of marijuana cause personally I feel that marijuana does improve many aspects of life, and cannibis is known to be healthy for skin and general well being. Legalizing weed does not force anyone who does not consider weed a part of their lifestyle smoke anything, just like when someone turns 21 they dont have to get drunk. It a choice, and being a democracy i believe Americans are entitled to make their own choices on whether they want to get high in their own homes or not. 1/3 of Americans actually want marijuana to be legalized already for one reason or another. If legalized marijuana would be put under strict rules and regulations, just like alcohol. Im liberatarian so i feel people should be able to do what they want to their own life, as long as it doesnt endanger anyone else. Nobody should tell anyone else how to live their life as long as there isnt anyone getting hurt, just as no one should tell you what religion or beliefs you should have. My parents and some of my closest friends are against marijuana as well, but its about finding how you feel about certain things. Your obviously entitled to feel however you want, as long as you stay open minded to how others might feel differently on the subject.

Gay marriage
matthewmillsmatthewmills 17 Nov 2008 22:04
in discussion Journals / Third Entries » Gay marriage

I personally dont have a problem with gay people I just think that only traditional couples should be allowed to get married. I look at whats going in california and it just does not seem right. My religious beliefs teach me that marriage was meant for a man and a woman so thats how I live I dont hate gay people my religion also teaches me to love everyone all Im saying is that marriage should be nation widfe changed to just traditinal couples only.

Gay marriage by matthewmillsmatthewmills, 17 Nov 2008 22:04

Im tired of every one thinking that by legalizing weed we will be better of thats insane. We need tougher drug laws and more punishment for people who do drugs we need to go foward not backwards besides if we legalize majuana what will we lagalize next kidnnaping.

I dont agree that its up to the woman I think abortion should only be used in extreme cases of rape or incest. My religious beliefs teach me that a life is a life. Im asking for every one to be responsible and dont have sex if you dont want a kid

I think its not necessarly the school districts entirely but the students are a large part of it as well. The reason why teachers focus on a test is because alot of students (not all) do not care about school. Its hard to give students a quality educatation if the student isint willing to recieve it. Also, i dont think the were not getting "something of value" because teachers are focusing on a single test but because required courses in high school are not "something of value. If i plan on being a historian why must i focus on something like pre-calculous. Lastly teachers pay is not as high as it could be. But thats due to the fact they get a summer vacation along with virtually every holiday off. If you did the math and if teachers worked all through the year they would make roughly 70,000. They do get paid through summer but they get basically doing nothing. I believe most teachers do their job as best as they can but its the students job to learn it.

Re: School District by Colton GarrettColton Garrett, 17 Nov 2008 07:02

It doesnt make you a bad person at all. I feel the exact same way. Yes its good to send help if you can to another group of people. But you cant break youre on back in the process. Just because I'm not sending money to starving kids in Africa doesnt make me feel like a bad person. I would if i could but I cant. And i find it to be completly rediculous if im critized because of it.

Colton GarrettColton Garrett 17 Nov 2008 06:45
in discussion Journals / Third Entries » Feminism

Reading artictles and hearing storys of femenist groups I have come to the conclusion that these people are the most ignorant hypacritical people in the world. I believe in this country that women are completly equal to men. I believe that women have all the chances and opportunities as men. I believe a women one day will become president. I dont understand what women have to complain about anymore. But here is what makes me dismisse any feminist. When Hillary Clinton ran for president every feminist was estatic about perhaps a women president. They would be enraged at any comment made against Hillary, calling it sexist. But yet governer Palin was ridiculed more than any person on the ticket by feminist groups. Im not saying every feminist in the world was against Palin, but i find it safe to say the majority were against her. I believe the ridicule was because Palin had diffrent opinions then Hillary on abortion and taxes and other things. Because of this, feminists to me are like every other group or orginization in the world; its not about the good for socity, it is about power. They wanted a women in office that believe in what they believe but not a women that didn't. So they slammed Palin every step of the way. Please someone explain to me what the point of being a feminist now is because maybe im wrong. Maybe they arent a group of power hungry narcissists, but in my mind right now they are.

Feminism by Colton GarrettColton Garrett, 17 Nov 2008 06:45

Not to long ago i watched the South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut movie. Most people find the movie to simply be rude and moronic but if you look deeply into it, there is a message in it. That message is too many parents find language more unsuitable then violence for their children. I cant understand why this is, swearing in my mind is not that bad. There are some instances i dont think it is acceptable, such as talking bad about someones religion or race and heritage. But i find it much more acceptable than showing children fighting, shooting and killing. I have taken notice to the video games and movies out today that children under the age of 13 love dearly; which is perfectly fine in my eyes. Its not the videos or the kids loving the videos that i have a problem with, its the parents that allow their children to play grand theft auto and steal cars, run from the police, and kill hookers; while at the same time not allowing their child to see a pg-13 movie due to the language in it. Someone explain to me please why parents allow their children to watch someone fight or kill in a movie, but cringe at the thought of them hearing the words damn, bitch, or whore.

Violence vs Language by Colton GarrettColton Garrett, 17 Nov 2008 06:16
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